White Belt - Yellow Stripe Theory


9th Kup - White Belt / Yellow Stripe Information

Belt Colour meaning -

White Belt -  Signifies Innocence 

Yellow Belt Signifies - Earth, from which the plat sprouts and takes root as the Tae kwon-Do foundation is being laid.  

Chon - Ji means literally "the Heaven and Earth". It is, in the orient, interpreted as the creation of the world or the beginning of human history, therefore, it is the initial pattern played by the beginner. The pattern consists of two similar halves, one to represent the Heaven and the other the Earth. 

19 Moves 

Left Wen
Right Orun
Pattern Tul


Ball of Foot Ap Kumchi
Foot Sword Balkal
Head Mori


L Stance Niunja Sogi


Rising Block Chookyo Makgi
Forearm Guarding Block Palmok Daebi Makgi


Kick Chagi
Double Punch  Doo Jirugi
Front Snap Kick  Ap Chabusigi
Knifehand Strike Sonkal Taerigi


Line Work Examples:

    • Sitting Stance Double Punch 
    • Walking Ready Stance, Front Snap Kick 
    • Walking Stance, Double Punch 
    • L Stance, Middle Block 
    • L Stance, Knifehand Strike
    • Walking Stance, Low Block, Rising Block 

Pattern Chon Ji