White Belt Theory

History of Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a South Korean Martial Art that was Founded on the 15th of April, 1955 by Major General Choi Hong Hi - 9th Degree Black Belt.
Taekwondo was Inaugurated into the UK in the year 1967
The Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB) was formed in 1983
The British Taekwondo Council was formed in 1988
Taekwondo international was inaugurated into England in 1993  


10th Kup - White Belt Information

Belt Colour meaning -

White Belt -  Signifies Innocence, that of the beginner who has no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do. 

4 Directional Punch - Sajo Jirugi - 15 Moves 

General Terms -

Training Hall Dojang
Training Suit Dobok
Belt Ti
Instructor Sabum
Student Jeja
Inner An
Outer Bakat
Press Ups Momtong Bachia


Commands -

Attention Charyot
Bow Kyong-Ye
Ready Chumbi
Start Si-Jak
Stop Goman
Return to ready stance Barrol
Dismiss Haessan
Forwards  Apro Kaggi
Backwards Dwiyro Kaggi
About Turn Dwiyro Torro


1 Hannah
2 Dool
3 Seth
4 Neth
5 Dasaul
6 Yasaul
7 Eilgop
8 Yodol
9 Ahop
10 Yoll


Low Najunde
Middle Kaunde
High Nopunde


Forefist  Ap Joomuk
Forearm Palmok
Inner Forearm An Palmok
Outer Forearm Bakat Palmok


Attention Stance Charyot Sogi
Parallel Stance Narani Sogi
Sitting Stance Annun Sogi
Walking Stance Gunnun Sogi


Inner Forearm Block  An Palmok Makgi
Outer Forearm Block Bakat Palmok Makgi
Front Rising Kick Ap Chaolligi
Side Rising Kick Yop Chaolligi


Obverse Punch  Baro Jirugi
Reverse Punch Bandae Jirugi


Line Work Examples:

    • Identify your self - Left leg to Right leg, raise the Right hand and give your Full Name and Grade
    • Chumbi - Parrallel Ready stance 
    • Sitting Stance, Single Focus Punch - Counting out loud in Korean 
    • Front Rising Kicks - Both sides, Keeping the Kicking leg straight 
    • Press-ups x10Counting out loud in Korean 
    • Single Punch in Walking Stance
    • Low Block in Walking Stance 
    • Low Block, Reverse Punch in walking stance
    • Middle Block, Reverse Punch in Walking Stance

Sajo Jiruji: Variation number 1 - Using Low Block 

Sajo Jiruji: Variation number 2 - Using Middle Block