Green Belt Theory

6th Kup - Green Belt Information

Belt Colour meaning -

Green Belt Signifies - Plants Growth, as the Tae Kwon-Do skills begin to develop. 

Blue Belt Signifies - Heaven, toward which a plant matures into a towering tree as training in Tae Kwon-Do progresses. 

Won Hyo is named after the Noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in the year 686 AD 

28 Moves 

English  Korean
Back Dwit


English  Korean
Foot Parts  Hanbansin
Hand Parts Sangbansin
Back Sole  Dwit Kumchi
Back Heel Dwit Chook


English  Korean
Vertical Stance Soojik Sogi
Closed Stance Moa Sogi
Bending Stance  Goburyo Sogi


English  Korean
Circular Block  Dollimyo Makgi
Hooking Block Golcho Makgi
Waist Block Hori Makgi
Palm Pushing Block Sonbadak Miro Makgi


English  Korean
Vertical Punch  Sewo Jirugi
Side Punch Yop Jirugi
Reverse Turning Kick Bandae Dollyo Chagi
Reverse Side Kick  Bandae Yop Chagi
Reverse Knifehand Strike Sonkal Dung Taerigi
Semi-free Sparring  Ban Jayoo Matsoki


Line Work Examples:

    • First Two moves of Won-Yo
    • Walking stance, low block, rising block
    • Walking stance, straight fingertip thrust, release, spin, high back fist side strike(24)
    • Fixed stance, Side Punch
    • Bending Stance, side kick, land in L Stance, knifehand guarding block
    • L stance, inward middle outer forearm block, slip the front foot into walking stance, high back fist side strike
    • Kicking off the rear leg, front kick, side kick, turning kick (alternating legs) land L stance knifehand guarding block
    • Walking stance, Circular block


Pattern Won Hyo 

3 Step Sparring - Numbers 8 - 10

Focus Kicking - Side Kick and Turning Kick 

Kicks to be done within the count of 3.

  • First count: Chamber the Kick, While performing a guarding block.
  • Second count: Extend the kick, hold and focus at the target area.
  • Third count: Re-chamber the Kick and return the the initial ready position.