Red Belt - Black Stripe Theory

1st Kup - Red Belt Information

Belt Colour meaning -

Red Belt Signifies - Danger, Cautioning the opponent to stay away and the Student to exercise control. 

Black Belt Signifies - Opposite to White, 

Choong Moo

30 Moves 

 L Stance
Nianja Sogi
Knifehand Strike Sonkal Tirigi
Rising Block  Chookyo Makgi


Line Work Examples:

    • Identify your self - Left leg to Right leg, raise the Right hand and give your Full Name and Grade
    • Chumbi - Parrallel Ready stance 
    • Sitting Stance, Single Focus Punch - Counting out loud in Korean 
    • Front Rising Kicks - Both sides, Keeping the Kicking leg straight 
    • Press-ups x10 Counting out loud in Korean 
    • Single Punch in Walking Stance
    • Low Block in Walking Stance 
    • Low Block, Reverse Punch in walking stance
    • Middle Block, Reverse Punch in Walking Stance


  • Choong Moo 
  • Examiners choice pattern 
  • Students choice pattern

3 Step Sparring or 2 Step Sparring 

1 Step Sparring -  

 Free Sparring - (Sparring Kit is required - this can be purchased through your instructor)