Classes and Locations

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Culverhay Sports Centre, Odd Down, Bath 

Tigers Aged 4 - 7: Tuesdays 5:00pm / No Friday Class

Juniors Aged  7 - 12: Tuesdays 5:00pm / Friday 5:30pm

Adults 12+:  Tuesdays 6:00pm / Fridays 6:30pm 



Weston All Saints Hall, High St, Bath BA1 4BX

Tigers Aged 4 - 7: Wednesdays 5:15pm 

Juniors Aged  7 - 12: Wednesdays 5:15pm

Adults 12+: Wednesdays 6:15pm



Twerton Village Hall, Lansdeer Road, BA2 1DX

Tigers Aged 4 - 7: Thursdays 4:30pm 

Juniors Aged  7 - 12: Thursdays 5:30pm 


All students should wear loose fitting clothing, T-shirts and Joggers/shorts (Exercising Clothing) 

Please note students train barefoot, if this is an issue please speak too the Instructor of your first lesson.

All jewellery must be removed when taking part, fitness watches are not allowed to be worn during the lesson. This is for the safety of yourself and other students you may make contact with while taking part.